Get Started with Client Listening

Client listening is a great way to grow your business as it will help you keep existing clients and attract new ones. Getting started doesn’t need to cost anything other than your time. In my free guide, you will find my 5 top tips for getting started which won’t cost you anything.

Client Experience Roadmap for Accountants

One of the ways you can stand out in a crowded market is through your customer experience. Many accountants focus too much on the technical side rather than what it’s like to work with them from the customers’ perspective. This free guide will help you to think through how you communicate your customer journey and will give you pointers so that your client experience stands out.

Busting Myths Around Client Listening

Client listening programmes are a great way to generate more revenue, through better client retention and more referrals. There are many myths surrounding client listening, and I intend to bust them and provide you with greater insight in my free guide.

Client Listening Guide 2021

Client listening programs are great ways to gather client feedback and show your client that you care about what they think. They allow you to gain a wealth of insight which you can use for marketing materials and gaining new business. This free guide should help you decide if a client listening program is right for you and demonstrate how much value they can add.