Client Satisfaction Programmes

It is far more expensive to attract new clients than to retain your current ones. I offer businesses a range of initiatives to enable them to discover what their clients really think, help them promote positive stories internally and externally, identify clients at risk of seeking alternative providers and instil a culture of excellent client service within their organisation. Initiatives include but are not limited to:

Client Service Programmes

Whether you are fledgling business, have recently experienced a growth period or are well-established in your chosen field, you might not have a formal client service programme in place. I will work with you to plan and implement a programme which could include development of a vision, a service charter, an internal and external communications plan, a feedback programme and training.

Client Service Audit

I will review your current internal and external communications relating to client service, survey a sample of your clients to gain initial insight into client sentiment and recommend ways in which you could highlight areas of strength and address areas of weakness.

Client Listening

I undertake client listening programmes on behalf of businesses to make sure they’re delivering what their clients need. Outsourcing client feedback to a neutral third party gives your clients the opportunity to be frank with their comments and gives you a true insight into their view of your products, service and standards.

Client Service Training

I will work with you to design and deliver training programmes to your current and incoming staff so that they understand your service standards and how they can contribute to your client service agenda.